Why is Skyking Courier Tracking Better than Others?

Why is Skyking Courier Tracking Better than Others?

Skyking is one of the leading and fast-growing companies in India. Initially, we started as Shree Shyam Air Service with one office in Kolkata in 1976. In due course, the company scaled up the branches and innovated different delivery systems. At present, Skyking’s network expands across more than 1100 locations covering more than 12000 pin codes in India. A huge team of dedicated professionals is working 24 hours to deliver more than 100,000 shipments on a daily basis.

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Let me explain, what are the core features that Skyking provides to its customers and create differences between an ordinary and extraordinary delivery system. 

Door-to-Door Pickup and Delivery

Skyking has been the first company in the Indian courier and cargo industry to initiate door-to-door delivery services since 1985. Skyking has more than 1200 booking and delivery centers across India. If you are not familiar with these words, let me elaborate on what they are. 

Door-to-door pickup and Delivery: this is a type of transportation service that involves picking up a package or packages from the sender’s location and delivering them to the recipient’s location. This can include residential addresses, commercial addresses, or other locations such as airports or hotels.

Skyking Courier Tracking Company also offers additional services such as packing and unpacking, storage, and tracking and tracing of packages with door-to-door pickup and delivery services. Skyking provides multiple transit options, i.e., via Air, Rail, and Surface mode, to deliver shipments depending on the requirements and needs of the shipper.

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Order Fulfillment and Cash on Delivery

Skyking offers the service of end-to-end order fulfillment, including inventory management, packaging, logistics, order tracking, and cash-on-delivery services to an e-commerce store. If you are not familiar with these order fulfillment and cash-on-delivery terms, then let me elaborate on what they are

  • Order Fulfillment: refers to the process of receiving, processing, and delivering orders to customers. This can include tasks such as storing inventory, packaging and labeling orders and arranging for transportation.
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) is a payment method in which the recipient of a product or service pays for the order at the time of Delivery rather than paying in advance. This payment method is often offered for orders that are delivered directly to the recipient’s location, such as in the case of door-to-door pickup and delivery services. COD can be a convenient option for individuals or businesses that do not have a credit card or prefer not to pay online. It can also provide an additional level of security, as the recipient can verify that the product or service meets their expectations before paying for it.

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Shipping High-Value Goods

Shipping high-value goods can be a complex process, as it may require extra precautions to ensure the safety and security of the goods during transportation. Skyking pays extra attention and care for shipping valuable goods such as industrial equipment, mining materials, and critical documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, hosiery, garment items, etc.

Our operations team keeps a close eye on the movement of such critical shipments using GPS trackers. It provides us with aid to get real-time updates on the transportation of shipments. The real-time information provides ease in reducing customer care calls and ensures prompt service to our customers.

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Provide Round The Clock Service

Round-the-clock service, also known as 24/7 service, refers to the availability of a product or service at all times, every day of the week. Skyking provides this service to meet the needs of customers who may require assistance or support outside of normal business hours. There are several ways that a Skyking Courier Tracking company use to provide round-the-clock service:

Hire staff to work in shifts around the clock: This allows the company to have someone available to handle customer inquiries or requests at all times.

Use automation: we use an automated system, such as an online chatbot or a phone system with pre-recorded messages, which can help in providing basic assistance to customers outside of normal business hours.

Outsource: Skyking also contracts with another Customer Service Provider company or individual to provide round-the-clock service on their behalf.

Providing round-the-clock service is a valuable way to meet the needs of customers and build loyalty, but it can also be costly in terms of staffing and resources. We always prefer customers’ ease in using our tracking service. 

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Happy Customers

We always try to meet the requirements of customers and take care of their packages from departure to destination. In other rare cases, The company manually handles the package and customer inquiries to figure out the problems for troubleshooting. 

We inspect every key point of our customers in every situation that helps us to create value and most repeat customers. Their feedback is publicly available to show the real and actual experience using Skyking Courier Tracking.  

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Create Value

No doubt money is our need to fulfill our daily life routine expenses. But money is not everything. We don’t ditch and charge high costs from our customers for packages. We always try to create value for our customers through different means, like Improving the quality or performance of a product or service. Skyking is always adding value through customer service and innovation in our delivery management system. Our branding and marketing tactics provide convenience to the customers to get different offers.  


I hope all the questions about tracking Skyking shipment are cleared. Please use our services for your daily transportation of parcels. If you face any trouble in using services, then call our complaint numbers. We will definitely resolve your troubles. Thank You. 

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