How does Skyking deliver your Parcel? Start To End Process

In this article, we will explain the entire process of package delivery. Skyking always tries to provide authentic and safe transportation of goods from origin to destination. Transferring packages from one person to another is dependent on many small and large modules. We summarize the whole process into six main and crucial points for you to better understand about “Skyking Courier Delivery System.”


Pickup is the very first and initial step to regulate the flow of the Skyking Delivery System. It is the process to collect the packages from the user or retailer’s stores. Normally, we always schedule a delivery time for the specific region and stores for the collection of products that are ready to ship. In the pickup section, two scenarios emerge: 

Wrapped items:

One is that if the package is fully wrapped and its packaging ensures the security and protection of the inside product. All the sender, Recipient, and product-related slips are attached in printed form.

Unwrapped items 

The second is that the package needs to be wrapped and packed. Then we use appropriate containers, stickers, and adhesives to provide particular safety for the product. After that, we generate the sender and recipient information slips and paste them outside the package. 


Sorting is the second most important and crucial key of the Skyking Delivery System chain. Normally, it is the process of arranging and filtering the packages according to the different specified filters to reduce the complexity of the shipping problems. 

When all the parcels and packages are collected from the targeted and specified region and are sent to the associated Skyking branch, then workers organize and arrange the product according to the filters. We organize and differentiate the packages on the basis of the following filters:

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Firstly, We organize the parcels using the location filter. It means we separate all the packages according to their destination city.

Product nature

Secondly, we analyze the product’s nature to ensure safe transportation and self-handling. Like we separate the fragile items from the hard items and separate the high-volume items from low-volume items. 

Delivery type: 

Thirdly, we check their delivery type like Overnight, Overload, COD, International, National, and Normal, and organize them according to their delivery service. 

Delivery Mode:

Fourthly, We check their mode of delivery Like By Road, By Air, By Train and By ship. Moreover, in road transportation, we also determine the vehicle according to the product nature, whether it is delivered by Semi-trailer trucks, Tail lift trucks, Jumbo trailer trucks, Flatbed trucks, Straight trucks, and Refrigerated trucks.

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Despatch is the third step in the delivery system associated with the routing and transportation of packages from one location to another. It is the process of sending the parcels to their destination from the origin.

In the Dispatch section, the Supervisor of the branch list and upload all the information about the packages to the Skyking Tracking Portal, assign a consignment number or tracking ID to every Parcel and send the summarized Message to Sender and Receiver. The Summarized Message includes the consignment number, sender and receiver general information, actual shipping and product cost, and estimated delivery days and time. 

After the Despatching, users can track their parcel status by using a mobile app or website by entering their consignment number. If you want to track your product, you can visit this page: Track Your Shipment.  

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The destination is the fourth step, where packages are reached in the destination branches of Skyking. It is the process of unloading the packages from vehicles in the city branch warehouse. In the destination section, the Supervisor verifies the number of received packages and their details according to the issuance list and leaves the Message “Reached Destination” to both sender and receiver.

The city branch supervisor assigned the packages to the delivery persons who were associated with the specific area or ward of the city. They collect their assigned packages. 

Last Mile:

The Last Mile is the second, last and fifth step of Skyking Courier. It is the process where the delivery boy picks up the package from the branch’s warehouse and goes to deliver it to the exact address. Most of the time, the delivery boy calls the receiver and informs and confirms them about their product delivery. It’s a point where users wait impatiently to see and unbox their products. Delivery and transportation of the package are done by bike, car, or small carry. 


Delivery is the last and ending step of the Skyking Courier Delivery System, for which the sender and receiver are very desirous. In this step. Your Parcel or package is delivered to you by hand. We collect the feedback from the receiver and confirm that the Parcel has been delivered successfully. If the package is on its COD type, then we receive the amount and transfer it to the skyking transaction portal.  

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