How Do I Track My Skyking Shipment? 

How Do I Track My Skyking Shipment? 

To track a shipment, you will need to have a consignment number/ Tracking Number from the Skyking Courier tracking branch that was used to send your package. You have a feature to track your package by consignment number. 

But If you aren’t familiar with consignment numbers before, then give me two minutes to elaborate: what is a consignment or tracking number, and where can you find it? 

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What is a Consignment Number?

A consignment number is a unique identification number assigned to a package or parcel when it is shipped. This number is used to track the progress of the package as it is transported from one location to another. The tracking number is typically provided to the sender and recipient of the package, and it can be used to check the status of the package and its estimated delivery date.

Every company has its own unique format for assigning tracking numbers. The consignment numbers are provided by the Skyking Courier Tracking’ agent, where your parcels are shipped and displayed on the shipping label or the receipt for the shipment. 

Another option to find the number is when your shipment is registered successfully in the database; you will get an sms on your given phone number, which has the package detail with the tracking number and route detail. 

The format of tracking numbers can vary depending on the carrier, but they usually consist of a combination of letters and numbers. But most of the time, Skyking’s Tracking number looks like this “379336908″,  

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Track Your Skyking Shipment

You can use this tracking number to track the progress of your package using these methods:  

  1. Track Through Website Portal
  2. Track Visiting Skyking’s branch 
  3. Track Through Customer Care 
  4. Track Using Skyking Mobile App

Track Through Website Portal

To track your shipment through the website portal, you can follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

Find out the tracking number and copy it, or hold the printed slip in your hand, which has the tracking number.

Step 2:

Go to our Skyking Courier Tracking website by clicking or pasting this URL ” “in the search bar of your favorite search browser

Step 3:

Enter the tracking number that is printed on the slip or in mobile sms in the designated field of the search bar and solve the Recaptcha. This will provide you with the most up-to-date information about the status of your package. 

Track Visiting Skyking Courier Tracking Branch:

The branches of Skyking Courier Tracking are located in almost every city in India. You can visit our Skyking branch with a printed slip or tracking number and ask them about your shipment. They will provide you with up-to-date information about the package. 

If you are facing trouble finding our branch, then simply visit our branch’s webpage by clicking or pasting it into your favorite browser. Where the phone numbers and addresses of all Skyking branches are given, you can find your city’s branch information, and you can also call the branch supervisor and get your package details.  

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Track Through Customer Care 

You can get details about packages through our Customer Care Department. You can contact customer care in three:

By Call:  You can call our customer care number (+91-9681872430) and provide them with your basic detail and consignment number.

By Email:  You can email our customer care email ( with your basic details and the package’s consignment number.

By Visiting: You can visit our Customer Care Center at headquarter in Kolkata. 


“18, Mullick Street, Barabazar, Kolkata – 700007”

Track Using Skyking Mobile App

You have an amazing option of the Skyking Mobile App to track your shipments.

Step 1: Download the Skyking app from apple and google store

Step 2: Now open the app, and go to the Track Shipment option under the menu:

Step 3: Type or paste your package tracking number in the search bar option.

Step 4: Your package details will be shown below with the download pdf option.

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I hope all the questions about tracking Skyking shipment are cleared. Please use our services for your daily transportation of parcels. If you face any trouble in using services, then call our complaint numbers. We will definitely resolve your troubles. Thank You. 

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