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Package Tracking or Package Logging is the procedure of labeling the items to provide ease in localizing the shipping containers, mail, and parcel post at different points during sorting, warehousing, and package delivery to verify its details and estimated delivery.  

Skyking Courier Charges per kg in India vary according to the package nature and the displacement of the destination from the branch. In a general average estimation, we charge around 50 to 80 rupees per kg for a parcel.  

Suppose you purchased the product from someone else store or do e-commerce shopping which is delivered through our skyking service. In that case, you can go to the nearest skyking branch and return the delivery receipt to the seller. You can also contact the seller and tell him to do your return delivery for free. 

Parcel Tracking Status means you can check the Status of a parcel, whether the property is in transit, delivered or picked up, etc. Whenever you track your package by consignment number through an online tracking system, you will get different Statuses like “Consignment Booked,” “Delivery scheduled,” “in transit,” and “Out for Delivery.”

You can register as a customer by visiting our nearest Skyking branch. We need essential identity valid information and store or business information to provide COD services. When you are successfully registered with skyking, you will get a customer ID to log in through our app or website and manage your parcel tracking, pickups, etc. 

You have three options for complaining to Skyking Courier:

  1. Call our customer support number (+91-9681872430) and report your complaint.
  2. Please email us at (support@skyking.com) with your complaint 
  3. Visit our city’s nearest branch
  4. Use our website contact us form (fill it out and submit it) 

If your courier is not delivered, then you can do the following things:

  1. Check your nearest branch; Maybe the website shows your parcel delivered, and the parcel is still in the department by human error. 
  2. Call your sender; maybe a parcel has been returned to them.  
  3. If your seller does not have any information, file a complaint by calling our customer number.

According to Law, you can keep the package delivered by mistake, and package details prove that it was you. Sometimes by human or machine error the package address is misplaced with someone’s speech. But if your address is not matched, you can return to the company as a senior citizen. 

Losing a package means you need to remember your cap at school. Initially, we try to find the address of the seller and buyer by scanning the product. If it is needed, we open the package to get the address. After doing all the possible solutions, the company waits for 15 days and then donates, recycles, discards, or auctions them off. 

Suppose you ordered something online or offline and have yet to receive the package within the estimated delivery time. In that case, the retailer is responsible for the shipment. You can call them and inquire about the parcel. He will investigate the matter by asking the courier company or something else. According to Law, He has to refund or re-deliver your package.  

Skyking Courier’s Headquarters is located at 18 Mullick Street, Barabazar, Kolkata – 700007. If you want to contact headquarters online, then you call +91-9681872430 or email: support@skyking.co

Yes, You can find information in the “Tracking Section” for a shipment booked through Skyking. 

  • Login to your Account through the sky king app or website 
  • Go to the tracking section 

All the package details will be displayed.

Items compatible with the container and packed securely can be shipped through Skyking Courier Service. We always prefer transporting all the items under highly secure and extraordinary supervision. 

 You can check our “volumetric Weight” section. We usually use the simple multiply and divide rule: 

  • Multiply the “length x width x height” of the package.
  • Then divide the output value with “5000.” 

You can use our volumetric calculator to get the actual weight of your package

You can contact your nearest branch and tell them to change your address or refer to our contact us section and call, email, or send a message. 

Your consignments are entirely safe with Skyking Courier Service because we always prefer to use high-quality waterproof containers and adhesives for the packaging. We use stickers like Fragile and Insured to ensure the nature of the product during transportation. Trained people handle your package. 

Yes, we have the list of all Skyking Service Branches in various locations. You can visit our “Branches” section to get the complete details. 

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives are thoroughly elaborated under the CSR section. Please visit About Us to get the CSR Section.  

Please visit our “Careers” page for the latest update about Jobs in Skyking. We will feel delighted if you join our team. 

Your feedback is critical for improving the Skyking Courier Tracking system and ensuring we provide premium quality to our users. You can submit your feedback using our form under the contact us page. 

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