Uncovering The History of Skyking Courier Tracking

The Golden Chronicles of Skyking Courier Company’s Entire Voyage

Skyking Courier was initially founded as Shree Shyam Air Service in 1976. It is one of India’s most reliable and leading courier tracking companies. The primary objective of Shree Shyam Courier was to provide an efficient, reliable, and fast delivery network with door-to-door features for businesses. 

Over time, Shree Shyam Courier has made some incredible and prestigious innovations and expansions in delivery services. The Company expanded its network across more than 1100 locations, covering over 12000 pin codes in India. Nowadays, Skying delivers around more than 100,000 shipments daily. A vast team is working to manage and maintain the network. That’s why the Company provides hygienic and friendly environments to employees with handsome salary packages and bonuses.

Founded In 1976 

The history of Skyking dates back to 1976 when the Company was founded under the name of Shree Shyam Air Service by SHRI SANWARMAL BIYANI and LATE SHRI GANESH PRASAD BIYANI. They had a primary vision of creating a company that would revolutionize the delivery system and must be fast and quick as possible. Skying was initially founded to provide delivery services to businesses with door-to-door features. 

Progress in 1990

Gradually, As the Company grew, it expanded its operations rigorously in India and around 50 different countries beyond Kolkata. Skyking dominated Service providers in the transportation and Cloth market as it crossed an average daily load of 7000 shipments.

 In the days of its existence, Skyking Courier Tracking faced many challenges as it competed with established players in the industry. The Company overcomes these challenges by providing reliable and efficient delivery services. The dedication and friendly communication helped the Company gain its customers’ trust and gain a foothold in the industry.

SkyKing Company Founders

With the guidance and directions of the founders, it was possible to touch the sky and be the top-ranked courier company in India. We pursued the rules and vision of the founders and got success. 

Skyking Courier Expansion 

Expansion In 1995: 

As the Company continued to expand, Skying innovated the shipment network. They introduced the franchise model and implemented it. Locations were expanded from 50 to 500 with a maintained and good franchise. Company expands its reach into corporate India- Banks and other telecommunication companies.

Expansion In 2000: 

Skyking courier tracking wanted to nationalize the delivery services. It expanded and established its network in East and North East India. The Company targeted these locations where only India Post served. 

Expansion In 2005: 

That was the time to adapt new technologies and strategies according to the market demand. Skyking courier tracking developed a series of innovative tracking systems that allow customers to track the progress and timeline of their parcels in real-time. This revolutionary tracking system became customer friendly and helped the Company to expand their shipment load from 7000 to 60,000 per day. With time companies enhanced their delivery services and transportation. In 2010 Skyking crossed an average daily load of 80,000 shipments per day. 

Expansion In 2012: 

There was an enormous growth in market trends. Business and consumer intent was revolutionized with electronic commerce (e-commerce). Transportation of parcels/products between different places was mandatory for online businesses. At that time, courier companies played a primary role in the success of e-commerce. 

Skyking took the initiative to provide cost-friendly services for businesses to transfer their products to different cities in India. They offered door-to-door delivery services and reverse pickup services or returning products shipment. Skyking courier tracking was reliable and cost-efficient for both consumers and sellers. The Company expanded its operations in more than 1000 locations, covering more than 11000 pin codes. Crosses average daily load of 1,00,000 shipments. This was the graph of changing growth in the history of seeking Company.

Expansion In 2014:

Partnership with LogiNext

LogiNext is a cloud-based transportation management solution that helps logistics companies to improve their internal operations and optimize delivery networks by allowing users to plan delivery routes and track vehicles. They utilize data collection, advanced analytics, and visualization to provide superior customer service. LogiNext offers its services to medium and large-scale enterprises in unorganized and emerging markets such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, banking, and insurance. 

SkyKing made an en-riched partnership with Mumbai-based LogiNext Solutions Pvt Ltd. They offered a web-based Track-Pack delivery track management system by collecting data from the package using match-box-sized GPS and providing information to the operations team’s control room. This Track-Pack system helped our Operation Management Team to track high-value shipments and time-bound packages in real-time.

Mr. Deepak Dhanuka, Operations Manager at Skyking Kolkata Hub, said,

“The biggest advantage with Track-A-Pack has been the peace of mind and a great amount of visibility within our own delivery network,”

Partnership with Health Impetus

Online Stores and E-commerce Businesses were at the top trending scale where everyone had urged to boost and scale up their online transactions with targeted audiences. “Health Impetus” was a B2B and B2C healthcare product-selling Company. “Mr. Rakesh Chaudhary, the manager in the Company, reached out to Skyking Courier regarding transferring baby food canes within Bengal. This was the shining star opportunity and new experience for the Company to provide end-to-end delivery solutions to Health Impetus. We explained start to end workflow below with the help of a chart:

It was similar to previous B2B partnerships. But complexity was a children’s product with a stringent turnaround timeline because customers urgently needed the baby food cans. Then we had to develop the label printing, barcode, and systematic packaging infrastructure to meet the requirements of the product.

SkyKing took the initiative of an overnight and urgent delivery system that was polished and modernized with time. A general partnership has been so beneficial for both companies. After some time, the Company delivered 2500 baby food cans daily for Health Impetus. Manager Rakesh left feedback regarding the extraordinary and reliable delivery services. 

Rakesh Chaudhary, manager at Health Impetus Pvt Ltd, said:

“This was an extremely enriching experience for us, and the way we got a prompt response in the form of periodic delivery reports and the delivery acknowledgment from the team at Skyking was highly commendable.” 

Skyking Company Current Status

Today, Skyking courier tracking Company is one of the largest and most successful companies in the Indian Courier Industry. The Company has a presence in 1100 cities/locations and has 1600 branches. Skyking handles around 1,25,000 loads of daily shipments in different cities in India. The Company is continuously improving delivery services, and recently we have used a GPS tracking system to track shipments in real time. 

Skyking Executive Team

AJAY BIYANI - Director Skyking


He has 20 years of experience in the Courier and Cargo Industry, Manages End-to-End tasks

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an automated business model in which a company should contribute positively to society and consider the environmental and social impact of business decisions.

The CSR model assists a company in being socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public. This model is also called corporate citizenship due to performing corporate social responsibilities.

Successful business can’t be measured with high-class financial graphs by itself; instead, the business should assess how much a company contributes to achieving higher socio-economic goals. Skyking Courier Tracking Company believes,

 “Successful businesses have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.” 

Skyking has started various CSR initiatives to contribute to society and to make it highly developed financially and behaviorally. To make it practical, Shree Shyam Air service laid the foundation of Shri Maheshwari Bal Vidyalaya at Fatehpur Shekhawati in Rajasthan. In 1995, Company’s co-founder Late Shri Ganesh Prasadji Biyani established the institute, and the Company’s directors have managed it since then.

Through the Vidyalaya, Skyking nourishes more than 400 children by providing high-class education, free books, uniforms, clothes, lunch, etc. Moreover, this CSR initiative also provides vocational and sports training. Thousands of students get an education of 1 to 8 standard and pass out every year. 

CSR Skyking

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